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MBBS From Russia

Russia has been one of the top destinations for MBBS in Russia for Indian students for more than a decade now. Standing at the prominent 8th position in the world in terms of the quality of medical education, Russia has been home to thousands of Indian MBBS students who are working as renowned and well-established doctors today.
As India and Russia share a cordial and friendly relationship, the government of the Russian Federation offers subsidized medical education to Indian students.
Out of the 100 leading medical universities of the world, 30 universities are from Russia. This proves that the quality of education they provide is highly promising. The Russian medical universities charge their students with nominal fees for their education, and offer accommodation facilities for them as well. These universities are equipped with highly advanced laboratories, providing the best quality of education to these students. An M.D (Physician) degree is awarded to the students who complete their medical studies in medicine from Russia, which is of the same value as the MBBS degree in India.



Cost (approximate)

8 to 28 Lakh


5.8 Years

Capital Moscow
Currency Ruble
Official Language Russian
English Speaking Population 30% +
Exchange Rate
As On 27 Jan 2022 1 Inr = 0.85 Ruble
Course Duration 5.8 Years
Time Gap Approx 2.5 Hours Behind
Cost Of Living 150 Usd Per Month
Fees 15 - 45 Lac Total
Ielts & Toefl Not Required
Recognisations Nmc (Erstwhile Mci), Wdoms, Ecfmg, Faimer, And Ministry Of Education, Russia

Top Universities in Russia For MBBS

Sr. No. Name
1 Altai State Med. University
2 Bashkir State Med. University
3 Crimea Federal University
4 Far Eastern Federal University
5 Ivanovo State Med. Academy
6 Kursk Med. University
7 Kazan Federal University
8 Kazan State Med. University
9 Kemerov State Med. University
10 Kirov State Med. University
11 Northern State Med. University
12 Petrozavodsk State University
13 Rostav State Med. University

Why To Study in Russia?

  • Medical universities in Russia are recognized by the National Medical Commission (erstwhile Medical Council of India).
  • Admission to the Russian universities is based on merit only, and no monetary donations are accepted.
  • The tuition fees for MBBS in Russia are affordable, starting at just INR 3-4 lakhs a year.
  • The complete medical education in Russia is taught in English to Indian students.
  • Hassle-free admission process without any entrance exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Availability of comfortable hostels with round-the-clock basic amenities and hygienic Indian mess facilities.
  • The students of these universities are projected to have international exposure.
  • The medical faculty of these universities are highly qualified doctors, scientists, and researchers
  • Russia is a safe country for Indian students of MBBS in Russia as the universities have strong and well-developed security systems

Universities in Russia For MBBS

Name Total Tuition Fees
Bashkir State Medical University 18 - 19 LACS
Crimean Federal Medical University 20 - 21 LACS
Perm State Medical University 25 - 26 LACS
Orenburg State Medical University 27 - 28 LACS
Ryazan State Medical University 19 - 20 LACS
Mari State University 24 - 25 LACS
Orenburg State Medical University 27 - 28 LACS
Kazan State Medical University 24 - 25 LACS
Tver State Medical University 27 - 28 LACS
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University 60 - 62 LACS
Smolensk State Medical University 24 - 25 LACS
Saint Petersburg State Medical University 29 - 30 LACS
Orenburg State Medical University 28 -29 LACS
Volgograd State Medical University 27 - 28 LACS
Far Eastern Federal University 23 - 24 LACS
Siberian State Medical University 24 - 25 LACS
Kursk State Medical University 25 -26 LACS
Kuban State Medical University 18 - 19 LACS
People’s Friendship University 42 - 43 LACS
Northern State Medical University 27 - 28 LACS
Syktyvkar State University 16 - 17 LACS
Dagestan State Medical University 15-16 LACS
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) 37 - 38 LACS
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University 30 - 31 LACS
Altai State Medical University 23 - 24 LACS
Kazan Federal University 27 - 28 LACS
OMSK State Medical University 19 - 20 LACS

Eligibility To Take Admission In Russia For MBBS

  • The criteria for eligibility of the Indian students wishing to pursue the MBBS degree in Russia are as follows:
  • The candidate would have to clear the NEET exam for seeking entrance in the medical universities of Russia.
  • The minimum age requirement of the students seeking admission is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 25 years.
  • For securing a seat at these universities, a student belonging to the General category, must have a minimum aggregate mark of 50% in the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students belonging to the SC, ST or OBC category must have minimum aggregate marks of 40%.
  • The students are supposed to present a nationality certificate before taking admission here..

Process of MBBS Admission in Russia

Step 1: Choose the best university for your MBBS in Russia after personalized counseling from TRA.
Step 2: Fill up the admission form for MBBS in Russia of the university and submit the required documents.
Step 3: Get admission/invitation letter from the university.
Step 4: Apply for the student visa by submitting passport and other supporting documents.
Step 5: Pay your tuition fees for the first year.
Step 6: Pack your bags with all the essential items that you will require in Russia.
Step 7: Board your flights to Russia and begin your journey of MBBS in Russia.

Few Disadvantages Of Mbbs In Russia

  • Adjusting to a new culture and language might be difficult for Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. Although most Russian medical universities offer classes for Russian language to Indian students for interaction with patients.
  • As most Indian students would be traveling for the first time to Russia, they may not have sufficient information about the Russian city they are traveling to.
  • Indian students of MBBS in Russia may have to struggle to adjust to the new fooding habits and accommodations.
  • As Russia has a cold climate, Indian students have to make special arrangements to accommodate the new climatic conditions and may suffer health conditions during the initial months
  • Indian students going for foreign medical education have to appear for the FMGE/NExT to practice medicine in India after becoming doctors.


To overcome these hurdles, TRA , in collaboration with its partner medical universities in Russia, make special arrangements for its Indian students to ensure their comfortable stay in Russia such as hostel accommodation, Indian mess, Indian counselors and representatives in universities for real time assistance, and invitation to renowned Indian doctors and professors to Russia for FMGE coaching of Indian students.

Why Choose TRA For MBBS Admission in ABROAD ?

TRA is one of fastest growing and leading overseas education facilitators in India that began its journey in 2013 . So far, we have successfully placed over 15000 Indian students in renowned medical universities and colleges abroad. The best part is TRA has experienced counselors and MBBS in ABROAD admission experts who offer personalized guidance to students and parents about MBBS in ABROAD.
Free of cost MBBS counseling for both students and parents by experts. Association with budget-friendly and prestigious medical colleges Provide prestigious scholarships and education loan assistance.

  • Constant guidance and support to students until they become medical graduates.
  • The representatives of TRA are available in medical colleges.
  • Availability of rich academic learning resources in medical colleges for Indian students.
  • Arrangement of comfortable hostels and hygienic Indian food.
  • Seamless admission process.
  • Complete documentation process
  • Air ticketing and student visa services.
  • Guaranteed admission and visa approval.

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